Handmade pastry filled with the proper amount of walnuts and covered with a balaced sirop. For the ideal experience, you may combine a piece of baklava with a ball of our vanilla or kaimaki ice cream.



Roughly chopped walnuts wrapped into golden and buttered kataifi dough. Beloved by everyone thanks to the unique recipe of G.Elenidis.



Rich chocolate packed with an amazing flavor and combined with fresh whipped cream on top. This delecious temptation comes with a small or family bowl.



The authentic trigono Panoramatos by G. Elenidis, with the most crispy pastry filled with a fresh and velvety cream.



Chocolate biscuit and handmade cookies in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, orange, lavender and cinnamon. They go brilliantly well not only with a cup of coffee but also with any kind of drink.



Semolina Halva with dried fruit (figs, plums, apricots and raisin)


Ice Cream

Handmade ice cream served in different flavors such as vanilla, kaimaki, chocolate, strawberry and peach.



Vanilla ice cream, Nescafé, whipped cream and almonds. The only thing you have to do is mix and enjoy.